Win More Deals with Your Personality

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You’ll be surprised by how much of an impact personality can have in closing deals; in fact, certain traits can play a part in making or breaking your business. When someone is said to have a “winning personality”, what kind of person comes to mind? (And no, I’m not referring to when you ironically describe the crotchety cat lady next door.)

So take a second, close your eyes, and think –  who genuinely fits the bill? Without a doubt, you’ll imagine someone who has all the traits that translates into success – in their business, in their relationships, and pretty much life in general. Self-assured. Ambitious. Even charming. So here are some traits synonymous with success, but first – here’s one surprising characteristic.

The Customer is Not Always Right!

Yes. You heard me. And if you disagree, then good – because that means you’re a winner with a backbone, since being too much of a people pleaser could be a dealbreaker in your business.  Studies show that Agreeableness has a negative relationship with sales”.  Don’t get me wrong – customer service/experience is vital within the real estate space. It plays a large part in building your brand with word of mouth promotion. Yet it doesn’t entail having to roll over for them. Such as when you need to push back and assert your expertise when a client challenges you with hearsay and conflicting information.

Now, agreeable in this context doesn’t mean having a crummy personality or even being likable. Instead, it means that “People who are high in agreeableness tend to be more cooperative while those low in this trait tend to be more competitive and even manipulative.(Very Well Minded) Clearly, you have to strike a balance in this regard – you don’t want to be excessively cooperative to the point that your client assumes you’ll just roll over during negotiations. Yet you don’t want to come off as ‘manipulative’, like some sleazy salesman with a comb over toupee in a pit-stained 3 piece suit. (Speaking of which, make sure you’re style is not killing your business either

Vigilance is key

Now that you know what not to do, it’s worth exploring the characteristics which have proven to generate more success- which of the Big 5 will help you close more deals? Surprisingly, it’s much more than a winning smile or some cheesy catch-line. Have you noticed that your top earners are ones that keep a steady calendar and constantly updated task list? Or have you observed that your top performing contemporaries (aka, your rivals) all are creatively stylish with a pension for outside-the-box marketing strategies? These scenarios all qualify as examples of Conscientiousness and Openness – the 2 big traits which translate to more success.

“Conscientiousness and Openness did show a positive relationship [with Sales]”.

Conscientiousness is described as the “key ingredient for success” and describes “people set and keep long-range goals, deliberate over choice… and take seriously obligations to others.” Highlighting the benefits of this trait, a study by a Yale professor showcases that an increase in conscientiousness results in a 3-6% in annual revenue.  More importantly, for agents this translates to more closed deals. So basically, set goals, make strategic decisions, and stay accountable/keep your word. It will pay off (literally).

Openness, as its name implies, can “lead a person to be more open to novel or unconventional ideas and viewpoints.”  These are the type of people who are willing to try out-of-the-box solutions and usually arrive at the kind of strategies that no one else would have thought of (or open to subordinates who do so). In a business where you’re constantly fielding objections, this kind of flexibility is crucial.

I discuss at length the many different ways to boost your business,  but at the crux of all of this is an openness to new and innovative ideas. Settling for outdated, hackneyed, or garden-variety marketing strategies will earn you a one way ticket to mediocrity (or worse). If you have any hopes of rising above the pack, then you have to be open to new and different things.

There’s very little doubt that these traits are dealmakers. Lucky for any remaining skeptics, there’s further research supporting this notion that proves the obvious – clients want to work with someone they can trust in every sense of the word.  

Up to 94% of consumers are loyal to brands that are transparent.  73% will pay more for a product that offers complete transparency.

So basically, as long as you’re a straight-shooter, your clients will throw money at you and keep coming back.

Lastly, there’s good news for the more patient but passive agent: Personality Changes for the Better with Age! “Conscientiousness, a trait marked by organization and discipline, and linked to success at work and in relationships, was found to increase through the age ranges studied, with the most change occurring in a person’s 20s.”

For the rest of you: the impatient but meticulous trailblazers with aspirations for more success – be mindful of your personality as it can play a large part in achieving your goals. Remember: less of a pushover + more of an organized innovator = more closed deals.