The Evolution of Verse : A Real Estate Podcast

The Evolution of Verse : A Real Estate Podcast Featured Image


…[We] continue to evolve what we have. We never settle and have a culture of continuous innovation. We want to be so far ahead in first place that everyone else is competing for 2nd.

Earlier this week, David Tal – our CEO – took part in a bare-all podcast, providing an inside look to Verse and recounting his meteoric rise to being the Most Admired CEO of an explosively successful real estate tech company.  
In a brand new segment titled “Stay Wealthy, San Diego”,  Taylor Schulte breaks bread with the brightest leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators that San Diego has to offer. During his special appearance, David:

  • shares the motivation behind our concierge service
  •  breaks down the secret to our innovative qualification process
  • details his experience in securing over $5 million from venture capitalists,
  • imparts crucial advice for young entrepreneurs,
  • and, most importantly, discusses how it all stands to benefit the Realtors® within Verse’s network!

Learn more about David’s backstory, and get a behind the scenes peek at how the formula for success was (and continues to be) developed!