Close More Deals & Boost Efficiency with Conversational AI

Verse is unmatched in sales experience and reputation. We manage millions of consumer leads a year to qualify and set appointments for the most respected sales teams nationwide
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Close more deals

Instantly engage every lead in an authentically human conversation to ensure that no opportunity is left behind. Our AI accelerates lead progression, filtering through the noise and nurturing the most promising prospects into sales-ready opportunities.

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Increase Efficiency

Maximize your team's efficiency with artificial intelligence at every step of the sales process. Verse takes on the grunt work of lead management by automating prospect qualification, appointment setting, and cold calling so that your team can spend more time doing what they do best: closing deals.

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Improve Employee Experience

Empower your reps to do more of what they love. Instead of sifting through endless lists and wasting time on dead end inquiries, your team dives directly into demos and calls with sales-ready candidates that are ready to convert. Boost morale, enhance productivity, and position your company as the prime choice for elite sales talent.

Improve your Sales Process with Verse AI

With Verse

Prioritize speed-to-lead, control messaging, & make you sales team happy.

  • Every lead is engaged with 90 seconds
  • Every lead is nurtured at least one month
  • Every lead is qualified and confirmed as a warm prospect before it’s passed to a human employee
  • Appointments are automatically set with pre-qualified leads so that sales reps can focus on closing more deals

Without Verse

Spend time and money on outdated outreach and unresponsive leads.

  • Leads are engaged within 2-3 days and often ignored completely
  • Lead are typically dismissed after one to two outreach attempts
  • Human employees waste countless hours on leads that should have been disqualified
  • Sales reps manually set appointments and waste time with top of funnel prospects that aren’t ready to buy

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