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TrustContact is Verse’s compliance suite that ensures your business’ text messaging campaigns and calls are received, effective, and risk-free.
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TrustContact: Compliance Built In

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Compliance Enablement and Guidance

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Improve and Monitor Deliverability

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Caller Verification for Your Business

What is Compliance?

Regulatory compliance is an essential and complex facet of all customer communications, and involves many rules for businesses from FCC and FTC regulations, carrier requirements, and laws such as TCPA. While texting is the most effective channel for communication, many companies struggle to understand exactly what they must do to ensure compliance in their language, opt-ins, opt-outs, and message content.
Failure to comply with regulations and laws such as the TCPA can be costly financially (with fines of up to $20,000 per text)—and in terms of customer trust. Failure to comply with carrier regulations is not illegal, but will decrease the amount of messages you are allowed to send.
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Your Partner in Compliance for Texting and Beyond

With Verse, worry no more. Our compliance experts will vet your campaigns to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and carrier regulations.

Verse clients benefit from professional assistance with:
• CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association) compliance, including consent language
• Full TCPA and FCC compliance
State “mini” TCPA compliance, including local contact hours
• Messaging audits and reviews
• A2P registration management
• Registration for 10DLC messaging
• Gaining a brand trust score through the Campaign Registry (TCR)
• Constant deliverability and opt-out monitoring

Get an in-depth review of how Verse maintains compliance here.

The trustContact™ product suite

Fcc Compliant


Requires registration to ensure deliverability of Verse's calls to your leads.

DNC LitigatorScrub

We scan your campaign and lead lists to identify and scrub all serial TCPA litigators and professional plaintiffs.

A2P Messaging

Allows your SMS messages to be distributed to leads in compliance with the A2P 10DLC regulation.


Caller ID displays your brand name on incoming calls.

Mini-TCPA Compliance

Ensure compliance with state “mini” TCPAs, including local designated contact hours and days.

Carrier Opt-out Compliance

Maximize deliverability across all major phone carriers who require SMS opt-out language.

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Know Your Text Messages are Delivered

While companies do not have visibility into their deliverability rates, we do.

Deliverability is the rate at which your messages are actually received, and it can be compromised by a number of factors, including high opt-out rates.

With Verse, your deliverability rates and opt-out rates are constantly monitored to ensure your messages are read. We flag heightened opt-out rates to perform manual audits, and work with you on how to create messaging that is compliant and effective.

Execute worry-free SMS campaigns with Verse

With Verse's TrustContact...

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Engage leads confidently

What good are texts or calls if they're undelivered or ignored? TrustContact™ ensures communication from you can be trusted.

Get FCC compliant

Vetted customers benefit from TrustContact™ products such as SHAKEN/STIR attestation and A2P messaging, which are both required by the FCC.

Protect your business

Reduce your litigation risk from "leads" who are fishing for potential legal cases in the name of the TCPA.


How is the Verse platform itself compliant?

We both require and ensure compliance for our customers, meaning that all of our communications on your behalf are guaranteed to be compliant. Our compliance team and your account manager will work closely with you in order to ensure that your campaigns meet all requirements.
Yes, our advanced AI identifies non-standard opt-out language such as “don’t text me anymore” or “leave me alone”.
Yes, we work closely with you on how to design a compliant opt-in form.
Yes, we will manage A2P registration for your brand. We also assist with registering for 10DLC messaging and obtaining your trust score from the Campaign Registry (TCR).