It’s Crunch Time!

It’s Crunch Time! Featured Image

“Real estate is one of those industries that has been rather slow on the uptake of technology…but Verse hopes to change all that”

This sentiment has always fueled our drive for success. In the internet age of web leads, the real estate industry has become both impersonal and inefficient. An increase in lead volume and generation is offset by a disconnect in agent/client relationship, as well as proper vetting of each lead. Through a seamless combination of human connection and cutting-edge technology, we hope to improve the lives/success of real estate agents.
So we’re excited for those efforts to be recognized in a great feature by none other than TechCrunch!
Authored by Jordan Crook, this piece delves into the finer aspects of Verse: our mission to engage, qualify, and convert all web leads, and the showing of support and faith we’ve received in the form of 4.5 million we closed during our funding round! Click here to find out more.
I guess you could say we’re crunching it!

(No? Well we thought it was hilarious).