The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on Facebook

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on Facebook Featured Image

Facebook is a powerful lead generation and marketing tool for all Real Estate Agents. However, when you’re an Agent, your Facebook account is also your business so it directly reflects who you are in a very public way. It’s a delicate balance; You want to be social, but you must be aware that many of your clients will come from your existing FB contacts or will become new FB contacts. Here are a couple of things we have seen and found are complete turn-offs for potential clients:

#1 Promoting your business too often or too overtly. Chances are the people who are already in your network know you’re a real estate agent, and are exciting to have someone like available as a resource… but telling them every single day (or worse… multiple times per day) is not something that’s interesting or helpful to them. This is sure-fire way to quickly become another “hidden” post in their feed.

#2 Posting inappropriate or unprofessional comments or photos. Don’t be political either. We all have “that” friend who’s convinced they’re going to change their friends’ (or worse, acquaintances or strangers) opinions on politics, or think it’s a great idea to post a picture of them taking a shot at 3AM on a Monday – it’s not. Don’t do it.

#3 Your content and updates are too generic. Needs to be more specific and niche down to a neighborhood or market area that’s more relatable to people. Don’t just send a broad monthly update about how many homes sold in your county. Focus on new and exciting developments and trends in specific neighborhoods, etc. It’ll show you are more of an expert and know your stuff.