Encore Insurance Case Study

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Case Study

Unsatisfied with results from other services, Encore trusted Verse and saw lifts of 27-705% in Engagement rates and 35-144% more passes to sales teams.

Encore Insurance’s Challenges

Before Verse, Encore Insurance had tried 3 other competitors to Verse and were not seeing desired results:

  1. Wasted marketing spend: Other competitors were producing poor results across all metrics resulting in fewer deals from the same lead sources.
  2. Lost deals: With lower qualification rates, Encore was losing thousands of qualified leads a year to poor customer experiences.
  3. Inauthentic scripting: Scripts were very linear and caused low engagement rates because they were not authentic and missing the human touch.

The Verse Solution

To address these challenges, Verse provided Encore Insurnace with Verse After Hours and Verse Engage, giving them access to:

  • The human touch: An AI + Human optimized campaign provided a human touch that was not only fast but authentic.
  • 24/7 lead coverage: We engage leads around the clock on their schedule so all leads felt valued no matter the time
  • Drive inbound calls: Verse transfers hot leads to their team to pick up the conversation for a natural transition.


The Results

Verse developed custom solutions to fit their tech stack and provided a white glove service that improved efficiency, boosted ROI and gave their team more time to focus on qualified leads:

  • Teams are able to focus on closing hot inbound leads
  • Improved cross-sell/upsell process
  • Improvement all of tracked metrics across the board with a holistic approach
61 %
5773 hours
140 %

See Verse in Action

This REAL conversation between our Verse concierge team and a lead generated and sent to us from Encore Insurance. Personal info has been anonymized.



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Customer Testimonial

“Thanks to Verse.io’s SMS automation service, we were able to streamline our outreach with future customers and increase our ROI significantly. I can confidently say that our business wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of Verse.io.”

Peter Vitale | Chief Executive Officer | Encore Insurance See Case Study