Integrates with Total Expert: A Game Changer in the Mortgage Industry Integrates with Total Expert: A Game Changer in the Mortgage Industry Featured Image is delighted to announce our innovative partnership with Total Expert, a pioneering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed for the modern financial landscape. This exciting development marries our state-of-the-art AI technology with Total Expert’s focused CRM system, set to redefine lead engagement within the mortgage and finance industries.

About the Integration, known for its AI-powered customer outreach and engagement platform, now provides Total Expert users with seamless access to its resources. This new integration equips companies with the tools to connect with potential clients, gather vital insights about their needs and preferences, and promptly pass this information to Total Expert’s robust platform

David Tal, CEO of, expressed his excitement at the collaboration: “Our partnership with industry leader Total Expert offers an unmatched solution for capturing and converting leads in the mortgage industry as effectively and efficiently as possible, especially at a time when companies need to figure out how to do far more, with much leaner teams.”

The seamless integration of with Total Expert’s comprehensive CRM platform empowers users to identify high-quality leads and triggers automated journeys. These technological advances are a significant step forward for the mortgage industry, leading to more streamlined operations and greater overall success.

Joe Welu, founder and CEO of Total Expert, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Total Expert helps financial institutions deliver the perfect customer journey–that means empowering them to educate, engage, and advise borrowers at every financial milestone. Verse’s on-demand customer engagement team is a valuable addition to our platform, and we are excited to offer this integrated solution to our users.”

The Expert integration is now readily available for all Total Expert users. Simply sign up with to activate this game-changing solution.

Benefits At A Glance

  • Uninterrupted Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate your Total Expert account with’s AI-powered customer outreach platform.
  • Full time support: Leverage’s 24/7 AI + human concierge services that provide round-the-clock customer engagement and ensure that your business never misses out on potential opportunities.
  • Simplified Scheduling: Set appointments automatically with’s AI-powered booking capabilities and integrated calendar feature, improving efficiency and increasing your team’s productivity.
  • Inbound Call Generation: Transform warm leads into live conversations with CallConnect™.’s AI technology nurtures leads via SMS, transferring them to your internal reps via inbound calls when they’re ready to engage.
  • Deep Customer Insight: Rapidly collect and integrate vital customer information into Total Expert’s CRM system. Understand client needs, preferences, and behavior patterns for actionable lead conversion strategies.
  • Enhanced Lead Nurturing: Utilize’s nurturing capabilities to maintain a strong connection with your leads, even those who are not yet ready to make a decision for months.

About the Companies is an award-winning customer engagement and conversion platform that utilizes advanced conversational AI and 24/7 human concierge services. Our innovative platform engages millions of inquiries annually across various leading industries, boosting client engagement and conversion rates by 50-100%.

Total Expert provides CRM and customer engagement solutions to more than 175 modern financial institutions. This platform offers a unified experience across the customer lifecycle, leveraging customer insights to increase loyalty and foster growth in the financial services sector.

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