Acra Lending Case Study

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Case Study helped Acra Lending boost Response Rates by 133% with instant 24/7 coverage

Acra Lending’s Challenges

Before Verse, ACRA Lending was facing 3 main challenges that affected their bottom line:

  1. No 24/7 coverage: Inbound leads during off hours weren’t being contacted until days later, if at all
  2. Slow lead response: Dropping everything isn’t an option when leads are coming in 24/7
  3. Wasted resources: Loan Officers were spending too much time chasing unqualified leads instead of focusing on motivated prospects.

The Verse Solution

To address these challenges, provided ACRA Lending with Verse After Hours and Verse Engage, giving them access to:

  • 24/7 lead coverage: we engage and qualify their leads around the clock so no deals are lost
  • Instant text engagement: Verse instantly responds to ACRA’s leads as they come in
  • Appointment booking: we add appointments directly to the team’s calendars
  • Drive inbound calls: If someone is available, we live transfer qualified leads to their team


The Results

73 %
133 %
34 %


See Verse in Action

This REAL conversation between our Verse concierge team and a lead generated and sent to us from Acra Lending. Personal info has been anonymized.




Case Study

“By Verse pre-qualifying our leads, it gets my LOs in front of the right people at the right time and decreases time spent chasing cold leads.”

Hitz Mistry | Marketing Director See Case Study