2023 – The Year For Texting: The Benefits of Texting for the Best Customer Experience

2023 – The Year For Texting: The Benefits of Texting for the Best Customer Experience Featured Image

As we move further into the digital age, the way that companies communicate with their customers is constantly evolving. In recent years, there has been a shift towards using texting as a primary means of communication, and 2023 is the year that companies need to start embracing this trend. We’ll explore the reasons why texting with consumers is becoming increasingly important, and why companies need to jump on board sooner rather than later or get left behind.

Texting is the Preferred Method of Communication for Many Consumers

First and more important, texting is the preferred method of communication for many consumers over email or phone calls. In fact, according to MarketScale, 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses. This is because texting is fast, convenient, and accessible. Consumers are busy, and they don’t always have time to have a conversation over the phone or email. Texting allows them to communicate with companies quickly and easily, without disrupting their daily routines.

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Texting is Personal and Builds Trust and Loyalty

In addition to being convenient, texting is also more personal than other forms of communication. When a customer receives a text message from a company, it feels like a direct, one-on-one conversation. This can help to build trust and loyalty between the customer and the company. It also allows for more personalized interactions, as companies can use texting to send targeted messages and offers to individual customers based on their past purchases or preferences.


Texting Improves Customer Service

Another reason why companies need to start texting with consumers in 2023 is that it can help to improve customer service. Texting allows customers to get in touch with a company at any time, from anywhere. This means that they can quickly get help with any issues or questions they may have, without having to wait for business hours or navigate complicated phone prompts. It also allows companies to provide faster, more efficient customer service, as they can respond to text messages more quickly than emails or phone calls.

Texting Helps Companies Stay Top-of-Mind with Customers

Finally, texting can be a great way for companies to stay top-of-mind with their customers. By sending regular text messages with offers, promotions, or other relevant information, companies can keep their customers engaged and interested in their products or services. This can help to increase sales and customer loyalty over time.

Conclusion: Start Texting with Customers in 2023

In conclusion, 2023 is the year that companies need to start texting with consumers. Texting is fast, convenient, and personal, making it the preferred method of communication for many customers. By embracing this trend, companies can improve customer service, build trust and loyalty, and stay top-of-mind with their customers. So if your company hasn’t started texting with consumers yet, now is the time to start.