Top 6 Tech Stacks for Real Estate Agencies

Top 6 Tech Stacks for Real Estate Agencies Featured Image

Real estate agents have it rough. They are managing a business, selling, and marketing themselves, all in one role. Being in a position like that requires not only extra hands, but some automation, too. A good boss doesn’t handle every little task by themselves. They delegate some of the busy work to others.

But what if you didn’t have to hire helping hands for every little project? Today, technology has enabled real estate agents to be more efficient and effective in their business. Real estate tech has given realtors the chance to connect with their buyers, streamline their processes, and close on more homes.

We went ahead and listed the top 6 real estate tech agents should be using in their day-to-day tasks:

Top-of-Funnel Real Estate Tech

Generating leads is not always an easy task and knowing how and where to market yourselves is another task in and of itself. Finding real estate tech that automates the parts of lead generation you can’t handle is a top priority. Otherwise, there’s no business coming in.


No one is expecting you to hire a designer or be a designer yourself. But putting content up on your social media channels is non-negotiable. Social media is free, easy, and your entire market is soaking up content there. So, instead of trying to hire or outsource designs, use Canva to templatize your images, videos, and information. You can use free plans or, for more access to images and templates, you can upgrade to paid plans.

Even if you’re already outsourcing some of your lead generation, is one of the best lead capture tools for a real estate agent. This tool is great for small and large agencies alike. With features like customizable form fills and company-wide reporting, helps agents capitalize on their lead generation and lead management activities.

Middle-of-Funnel Tech

Of the levels in a sales funnel, perhaps the most overlooked one is the middle. Your content is strong and your closers – methodical. However, for most agents, the middle of the funnel is where deals are won or lost. The leads in this stage are aware of their needs/wants/problems and know what is going to be needed to fix any issues.

In the middle of the funnel, it is important for your lead to get quick engagement, consistent follow-up, and great experience from a realtor. This process will dictate the lead’s own decision-making process by keeping their attention and interest on your service rather than a competitor’s.

The most common challenges in the real estate industry according to Kevin Markarian, CEO of Marker Real Estate, and Barry Jenkins, CMO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, are:

  1. Not enough bandwidth  
  2. Managing a large amount of leads 
  3. Making sure leads are getting enough touches 
  4. Follow-up/nurture of inbound leads has taken these challenges and made it easier for real estate agents to focus on closing. We have created a 24/7 lead conversion platform that focuses on engaging, qualifying, and nurturing leads. 

A lead comes inbound and, within 5 minutes, we are engaging that lead using an omni-channel approach which includes text, email, and phone calls. We then qualify the lead based on your business’s criteria. After qualifying a lead, we book an appointment directly on an agent’s calendar. Agents can find more efficiency with their time and close more deals with strengthened follow-up provided by


If you have multiple people managing leads at your office, Calendly is the best way to keep your calendars organized for both you and your buyers. With easy links and integrations, Calendly can make converting leads into appointments or showings that much more efficient. It’s simple to use and set up but, most importantly, it makes everyone’s lives easier.

Bottom-of-Funnel Tech

The bottom of the funnel is where you can finally turn a potential customer into a paying customer. If they’ve made it this far it’s because you’ve answered their questions and shown value through their entire buyer’s journey. But it’s more important than anything to make sure you close a deal. 


DocuSign will simplify your deals from contract to closing. The company allows you to sign documents from almost anywhere which ensures exceptional customer service and can help close more deals. The real estate industry is changing and DocuSign is one of the leaders defining its digital future. “DocuSign empowers agents to do more with their business by getting transactions done quicker, easier, and on their own terms,” says Bob Goldberg, CEO of National Association of REALTORS. is a sales and marketing platform that helps personalize, automate, and scale direct mail, internal and external events, branded company swag, and personalized gifts to drive better engagement with prospects, customers, partners, and employees. To have a platform that does it all in one place can take a lot off a real estate agent’s plate. Not all real estate tech is essential, but this one allows agents to create personable relationships with clients and make sure their customer experience is top notch. 

Overall, real estate tech isn’t for everyone and in every area of marketing or sales, but it can be a huge lift for agents and their teams to automate and streamline their processes to be more effective and productive.