Sunline Honest Energy Case Study

Sunline Honest Energy Case Study Featured Image

Case Study

Sunline Honest Energy booked 38% more onsite appointments by utilizing Verse’s 24/7 follow-up and nurture. 

Sunline’s Challenges

Sunline Energy had a strong sales team, but were limited in their success because they were:

  • Spending too much time trying to connect with leads.
  • Unable to get to leads after hours.
  • Wasting too much money and time screening leads

The Verse Solution

Verse provided Sunline with 24/7 coverage and instant lead response, which resulted in a 38% boost in onsite appointments. With our solution, Sunline was able to connect with 82% of their leads, maximizing conversion rates and allowing their sales team to focus on larger revenue drivers.

See Verse in Action

This REAL conversation between our Verse concierge team and a lead generated and sent to us from Sunline. Personal info has been anonymized.