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How quickly does Verse contact new leads?

Verse contacts all inbound leads within 5 minutes, and answers all inbound calls to the sales line on your behalf, 24/7, every day of the year.
Yes, unresponsive leads are nurtured for up to 6 months through intelligent and programmatic follow-up until contact is made.
Name: Alex, Client Care Coordinator for [XYY Community]
The majority of leads that Verse works are coming in from the following sources: Inbound Calls, Zillow, My Mobile Home, and Mobile Home Village.
The following lead sources are filtered out from entering the Verse platform: Manually entered leads, Online Application leads, Leads where Source = “Other,” Leads where Source does not exist.
We give your salespeople leverage by only handing them ready-to-purchase leads. We qualify or disqualify leads based on these questions:
  • Communication Preference (SMS or Phone)
  • Confirm Prospect is Age Qualified **(in select communities only)
  • Annual Rental or Home Purchase
  • # of Bedrooms
  • Timeframe for moving
  • Calendly Appointment or Best Callback Time
Depending on the community, between 50% – 60% of leads are screened out. The most common reasons for disqualifying a lead include: not age qualified (for some communities), month-to-month renter, guest or service issue, Campsite Request, Calling into wrong community, indication to us the lead is no longer interested, wrong numbers, or unresponsive.
You will receive an email notification with the lead details including our qualified summary and Calendly appointment time when applicable.
You can email ELS_Support@verse.io anytime, and you can also reply back to any qualified lead email notification.

Example conversations

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