Agentology is now Verse

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Agentology is now Verse

Our mission from Day 1 was to change the way businesses communicate with their prospects by helping them create more authentic connections.

We believe consumers deserve a better experience when reaching out to businesses, and those companies are leaving far too much on the table by not engaging with prospects quickly, following up when needed, or nurturing them effectively.

Technology has empowered consumers like never before, but it has also eroded away the human connection that was created much earlier on in the customer journey. 

We believe technology + humans = superhumans.


People alone are inefficient.


Technology alone is inauthentic.


By blending the two, businesses can enable personalized, authentic connections at scale.


This is why we started Agentology.

To date, we have worked with thousands of the top real estate and mortgage professionals, teams, brokerages, companies, leading search portals, CRMs and others. After powering many millions of conversations, we have made the decision to expand outside of the real estate and mortgage industries.  

To infinity, and beyond

The problem we set out to solve is not a “real estate leads” problem alone. It’s a lead engagement problem that impacts all manner of businesses and industries. All businesses that generate a high volume of inbound leads need to leverage a multi-channel, 24/7 solution that helps their sales team engage, qualify and nurture those leads, so they can spend more time focusing on warm opportunities.

Though our current customers, the bulk of which work in the real estate space, will continue to be a priority, we are excited to bring the power of conversational marketing and automation to other industries that need us now more than ever.

That is why we are so excited to introduce our new brand,  

Inspired by the power to converse, conversations are at the core of everything that we do. is the same team, the same ownership, the same core values, the same everything.  Our new name allows us to go beyond “real estate” into multiple industries without causing confusion and allows us to bring our solution to a wider audience.

We are now working with insurance companies, financial services, SaaS businesses, universities, and other types of lending institutions to help them better engage and qualify their inbound leads.

Spreading our wings will allow us to dive deeper into our technology, and build more integrations, and provide more engagement solutions that will lift all boats.

We thank you for your trust and commitment.  We are truly honored to work with each and every one of you, and look forward to continuing to support your business and help you harness the power of conversations to turn more cold leads into warm opportunities over the coming years ahead.

If you have any questions, please make sure to reach out to us or our support team at

Thank you!

David & Avi Tal
Founders, Agentology… now