Do Technology Solutions Help With Employee Retention?

Do Technology Solutions Help With Employee Retention? Featured Image

A successful business needs consistency in all aspects, employees included. Having a high retention rate means keeping staff members long-term, resulting in less time and resources required for training new staff. 31% of employees quit their job within 6 months of starting, making employee retention a challenge companies must continually combat. 

Employee expectations for workplace technologies and digital strategies are rapidly outpacing. It isn’t fun to ask motivated employees to set aside time from their more engaging work to do necessary, but repetitive tasks. Using technology solutions to help reduce the tedious parts of their jobs can eliminate frustration and help build a company culture focused on innovation— and a company where employees want to stay.

There are many tech solutions to help your business. Below we  explore which solutions have the biggest influence on keeping your employees focused on (creative/productive) activities.

Human Resources Solutions

The most essential function to employee retention is knowing your employees. Without knowing your employees, how else can you gauge employee satisfaction? 

A great use of HR solutions is the implementation of employee polling and predictive analytics.

Try employee engagement platforms with polling integrations like 15five or Lattice to more easily and regularly collect satisfaction data. Once you’ve got enough data, use an HR analytics platform such as InteliHR to identify patterns that are affecting satisfaction so you can apply your retention efforts in a focused way.

Employee recognition is another HR factor that is often overlooked when thinking about retention, but in fact, lack of recognition is a leading reason employees leave their jobs. Automating recognition with tools like Achievers or Awardco can make it easy to show appreciation to your employees.

Remote Work Applications

Modern, flexible workspaces that allow employees to work anytime, anywhere, and on any device are already becoming the norm around the world. Considering that some employees say they’d choose the ability to work more flexibly over a raise, this can be a huge boost for employee retention. A combination of communication technology (i.e Slack), video conferencing software (i.e. Zoom), and cloud-based file sharing (i.e. Google Drive) is most common. However, the tools you choose need to be user friendly and integrate seamlessly for your employees to get the most out of them. 

Companies adapting to flexible workspaces often face the tedious task of scheduling meetings. There are 25 million meetings every day in the U.S. The average employee spends about 10 hours preparing for and attending these meetings every week. Any tools you can use to make the meeting experience more streamlined and productive will have a massive impact on employee satisfaction.

Sales Automation 

Sales is your moneymaker, no matter what type of business you are in, closing more business is the ultimate goal. Your revenue team being satisfied with the tools they utilize should be of utmost importance. 

These automations can save time spent on necessary, but lengthy manual sales tasks. Tasks such as updating CRM records, gathering data on leads, or filling in paperwork, all can be automated. In turn, increasing the amount of time allocated to “sales-critical” activities for your teams.

You could implement a lead conversion platform that engages and qualifies potential leads like Verse; automate middle-of-the-funnel engagement with email platforms like Hubspot; and close the deal with tools like PandaDoc and ClientPoint.

Not only does automation help with employee retention directly, but companies using automation are six times more likely to see revenue growth of 15% or more. An employee is much inclined to stay at a company if the company is on a successful path. 

If You Build It, They Will Stay

To best recruit and retain new talent, your company needs to implement new technology. Make the most of your employees, and give them the best tools to get their work done efficiently. The right tech investments will pay for themselves with  increased productivity and employee approval, which leads to higher retention rates.