The Value of Litigator Scrubbing: Protect Your Company From TCPA Violations

The Value of Litigator Scrubbing: Protect Your Company From TCPA Violations Featured Image

Litigator Scrubbing reduces your company’s risk of violating TCPA guidelines and facing legal backlash from serial plaintiffs and litigators. While only 1% of cellphone users have sued under the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 40% of those who have have done so more than once.

What is Litigator Scrubbing?

Litigator Scrub is a cloud based defense against serial plaintiffs and “lawsuit mill” litigators who target and even entrap companies for TCPA violations. Litigator scrub protects companies from contacting prospects who are on the DNC (Do Not Call) list and habitually seek legal retribution against companies that violate their preference.

The Litigator Scrub software identifies these individuals while running wireless, VoIP, and DNC list scrubs. This process works for both inbound and outbound campaigns. Files can be uploaded in batches via secure file transfer and automatically scrubbed nightly. Perpetrators are then identified, flagged, and removed from each of your company’s lead lists.

Why should you care?

Litigator Scrub is the best way to mitigate your risk of a TCPA lawsuit. About ⅓ of TCPA lawsuits are from a small group of repeat plaintiffs and litigators. Identifying repeat players before any inbound or outbound campaign is the best way to reduce your exposure to TCPA related risk.

While every communication channel is subject to TCPA violations, it should be noted that texting is the most vulnerable. It is important to use and update your Litigator Scrub list before each new texting or calling campaign. New TCPA claims are filed every day, with more than 200 claims filed each month in 2019 alone.

Using your list frequently, will protect your business from class actions, legal fees, and other statutory damages. We would argue that protecting your business from irreparable brand damage is worth it.

How can Verse help you avoid known litigators?

Verse has already rolled out a “known litigator scrubbing” feature. It is available to all our current customers as a part of our new trustContact™ product suite. Verse removes phone numbers and emails that are “known litigators” by cleaning your lead lists before new campaigns. We want to reduce any legal risk your company has of TCPA violation.

Litigator Scrub is a backend service that Verse customers are already reaping the benefits of. Verse not only runs the process for you, but we have also spared our customers the cost of the program (it’s free!). Litigator Scrubbing will set your business up for continued success as Verse improves texting and calling capabilities.

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