HousingWire: Why lenders should text prospects

HousingWire: Why lenders should text prospects Featured Image

Excerpt from: HousingWire

HousingWire recently spoke with Verse founder and CEO David Tal about the lead conversion gap and how Verse is helping lenders engage and nurture leads.

HousingWire: What’s causing the gap between sales and marketing?

David Tal: The massive gap between sales and marketing is caused by a number of factors and challenges faced by marketing and sales teams, and the difficulty for either of them to solve it. Here are the five biggest reasons:

  • People want to talk to humans, not chatbots. In fact, 86% of people prefer communicating with a human vs. a chatbot. They crave an authentic human connection.
  • 89% of consumers prefer to communicate with a business over text, yet only 6% of businesses are leveraging two-way text conversations to communicate with customers. Customers don’t want to be called, as it’s usually inconvenient and is a reason why 87% of people don’t answer the phone call anymore from numbers they don’t know.

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