Online Lead Management System created to allow sales leads to be worked efficiently through the sales process.


  • Quickly filter, search and prioritize data
  • Status groups keep things organized
  • Calendar collects your reminders and events
  • Mobile-friendly site


  • Hundreds of integrated partners
  • Aggregate leads from almost any source
  • Import with intelligent column mapping
  • Export various file formats
  • Web services connect to 3rd parties


  • Insta-Call the moment a new lead arrives
  • Click-to-Call with just your browser and phone
  • Power dial quickly through a list of prospects
  • Inbound calls generate leads when your phone rings
  • Local presence displays a local caller-id
  • Automated email campaigns engage prospects
  • SMS messaging notifies new leads immediately
  • Two-way SMS further engages prospects


  • Push leads to your team with an intelligent round-robin
  • Pull logic allows users to self-assign leads
  • Rules allow you to fine-tune your distribution logic
  • Redistribute unopened leads automatically