Strategic Solar Solutions

Pay Per Lead/Pay Per Territory

Who Are We?

Our “raison d’etre”, the reason we exist, is to be the first name in solar lead generation… period! And we realize that the best way to serve the members of our staff and satisfy our investors is by remaining singularly focused on your needs as a client. This is accomplished through culture and continual investment in our people and our technology all for the sole purpose of connecting you with motivated homeowners in the process of investing in solar… that’s it! Accomplish that…and the rest is easy.

Why Team Up with Us?

The solar industry is still in its infancy… but that doesn’t mean success will come easy. Whether it’s in-home or virtual appointments, warm transfers or high-intent real time solar leads, with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel, we deliver to you motivated homeowners in the right markets at the right time… continually rising above through experience, insight and technology.