Marker Real Estate Case Study

Marker Real Estate Case Study Featured Image

Case Study

Verse helps Marker Real Estate start more conversations with buyers and sellers that lead to 80% more closed deals

The Verse Touch

The Marker Team had an overwhelming amount of leads that were hard to manage and follow-up with. Their goals were to boost engagement, increase speed-to-lead, find more qualified leads, and improve their long term follow-up strategy.

  • 24/7 live text response
  • Custom qualification scripts
  • Appointment scheduling for prospective clients
  • Automated long-term follow-up campaigns

The Results

Immediately after adding Verse to their existing tech stack, both engagement and qualification rate increased by 20%. Naturally this lead to and increase in closed deals… but 80% is something we’re really proud of! All of this thanks to Verse’s proprietary blend of AI technology and highly trained representatives, Marker Real Estate was able to reach and exceed their goals.

See Verse in Action

This REAL conversation between our Verse concierge team and a lead generated and sent to us from Marker Real Estate. Personal info has been anonymized.