How to Launch a Digital-First Strategy (via RealtorMag)

How to Launch a Digital-First Strategy (via RealtorMag) Featured Image

David Tal is a man on the mission. His objective?
To usher every one of his real estate brethren into the digital age.
Many agents remain encased in amber – stagnant and stuck following methodologies of a by-gone era.
Does your website have grainy picture and bad design? 
Real Estate Digital Strategy, Bad Website Example
Or are you still sticking to Penny Savers and word-of-mouth referrals?
word of mouth real estate
Well tools such as these have rusted over. They’re no longer effective enough to get the job done alone, but now act as supplemental new strategies. Social media, texting, and even drones are some of the latest tricks being employed.
But these new gambits are more than just fads – they are  instruments for success!
In his feature with RealtorMag, David showcases how to get the most out of these new technological assets, and leverage them to corner your market. 
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