A Letter From the CEO

A Letter From the CEO Featured Image

As I reflect on this past year, so much comes to mind. There have been many ups and downs, yet every interaction, experience, and setback has provided a learning opportunity and a chance to continually refine who we are and what we stand for. I think about all of the real estate agents we’ve partnered with last year, and all of the thousands of families we’ve connected them to. Lastly, I think of the responsibility we’ve taken upon ourselves: earning the trust of our real estate agents and making their success our priority by any means necessary.  
Recently, we unveiled our Core Values that are the backbone to our decision making. This embodies our vision for making our lead conversion and sales platform the most loved and most trusted lead conversion and sales platform in the real estate industry. Hanging on our entrance wall, greeting people as they walk in every morning and bidding them adieu as they hang up their headsets for the evening, are the following Verse Core Values:

We Love Our Agents

Remember that agents are the lifeblood of Verse. We’re here to make their lives easier and their businesses more successful

Unbelievable Customer Service

Leave everyone in awe with our level of service and commitment to creating an unforgettable customer experience.

We Only Succeed When Our Agents Succeed

We believe in the win-win formula, and a performance based model where our incentives are always aligned with our partners.

CANI (Constant & Never-Ending Improvement)

Always strive to find a better way of doing things using a combination of creativity and experimentation.   Never settle.

Transparency & Accountability

Perform your craft with integrity and take responsibility for your actions.

Work Hard & Play Hard

We give it our all, and we have fun doing it.  Celebrate success.
The Verse you know today was created based on a concept spurred on by my own experiences as a full-time real estate agent and (eventually) a broker. Not only have I always yearned to create a company I could be proud of, but I wanted that company to solve the greatest inefficiencies in the real estate process, while also making agents far more successful than they would be without it.  And, most importantly, I wanted our partnerships to be performance based, where we would only succeed when our partner agents succeeded.
As we wrapped up 2016, I felt proud that we had accomplished what we set out to do: create a performance based company who was transparent, has unbelievable customer service at the forefront, and is always striving to improve. In December, I began reaching out personally to some of our partner agents to get feedback directly from those who we aim to serve:  you, the agents. I was excited to hear all of the positive feeback (obviously), but even more interested in learning what you felt we could improve on. Your feedback is what guides us to make the Verse experience one that all real estate agents will unequivocally trust, believe in, and benefit from and we will be continuing those efforts this year by investing all of our time, passion, and resources into fine-tuning our services even more (Value #3 – Constant and never-ending improvement).
I want to end by saying THANK YOU to the agents who are already trusting Verse. As your personal inside sales team, your trust is something we cherish as our greatest asset. It’s what drives us to perform at the highest levels possible every single day and it’s truly an honor to do so.
Thank you for being the warriors on the ground doing the heavy lifting.  
Thank you for being the brave ones who work tirelessly 7 days a week, never knowing what the next month will have in store. 
Thank you for your integrity, your professionalism, and your dedication to serving so many families in our great cities.  
And thank you for making us a part of your family, and your team.  

Let’s make 2017 our best year yet!