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Case Study

Verse.ai helped Home Genius Exteriors increase revenue generation by 10% and save over $XX on monthly labor costs.


Home Genius Exteriors’ Challenges

Prior to switching to Verse.ai, Home Genius Exteriors was working with one of Verse’s competitors, but they weren’t seeing the results they had expected. Some of their biggest challenges were:

  1. No after-hours coverage: Leads that came in after business hours weren’t followed up on in a timely manner, resulting in lost deals.
  2. High costs: Their leads weren’t converting at a high enough rate to keep marketing costs low, and they needed to add headcount to keep up with the volume.
  3. Unfocused agents: Agents were spending too much time on unqualified leads with low intent.

The Verse Solution

  • 24/7 lead coverage: Automated SMS lead follow-up enabled a 2-way conversation to engage leads at any time.
  • Cost savings: Verse.ai handling lead qualification and conversion kept labor costs low. This also helped increase conversion rates, reducing their percentage of marketing cost.
  • CallConnect: Verse.ai seamlessly transfers calls directly to the Home Genius Exteriors team, providing agents with qualified, high-intent leads.


The Results

  • ~10% lift in revenue-generating lead conversions
  • 83% decrease in marketing costs
  • Over $XXX saved on monthly labor costs
10 %
lift in revenue-generating lead conversions
83 %
decrease in marketing costs
10000 $
saved on monthly labor costs

See Verse in Action

This REAL conversation between our Verse concierge team and a lead generated and sent to us from Home Genius Exteriors. Personal info has been anonymized.


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Customer Testimonial

“I’m really happy with the success we’ve seen using Verse.ai’s SMS solution. We’ve saved a significant amount of money by being able to outsource our lead qualification. And when you factor in time we can now give our agents to focus on high-intent leads, the Verse value-add is a no-brainer”

Spencer Pepe | President | Home Genius Exteriors See Case Study